Saturday, November 30, 2013

it's so hard to say goodbye

Sooooooo guess what!?


My 2+ years in the Peace Corps have finally come to a close. I am happy to say that I completed my service and am now a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. As I reflect back on my service I remember all the good as well as the bad times. I am very happy that I got to experience so many things and help out Burkina Faso (however small my contribution may have been). I want to continue to broaden my horizons through travel, school, meeting new people, and staying open to new experiences. Next on this list vagabond's list is medical school (even though I do plan on moving to Berlin for a few months beforehand).

I want to thank my friends and family here and in Burkina for sticking by me and helping me complete this monster of a job.

Thanks for reading about my PC experience. Below are some photos of my goodbye festivities. Stay tuned for the next adventure =]

some of my gifts!

Health agents saying goodbye

Neuf (9) my dog giving me the sexy eye
the head nurse presenting me with a gift

my life for the past 2 years

the road home

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